Happy New Year!

We are off and running!

Our PACE research projects have begun:  students have organized their PACE folders and research is underway.   We will be working of PACE each day for 1 hour per day (during our Language Arts block).    Click here to view PACE documents.

In Math, we are learning different ways to model multiplication of fractions and whole numbers, with students mastering the standard algorithm of multi-digit factors.  We will then be moving on to divisibility rules and models for dividing fractions and whole numbers.  Students will be given a multitude of contextual (story problems) questions.   

Students will be learning about the Articles of Confederation, the U.S. Constitution; its founding fathers, set up of our National Government, and our basic civil rights. 

Biology is our next Science unit and we will be kicking it off by creating a Biology Lap Book containing information about plant and animal cells particularly their functioning organelles and how the cells are similar and different.

Root words and spelling words will continue as before.  Please be sure your child is practicing his/her spelling words nightly and root words practiced weekly.

MAP Testing:
Students will be taking the Reading, Language Arts, and Math MAP tests this month and next.  These tests won't be reported to the state, but will be used to see if your child is "on target" for reaching his/her growth goals.   I will be conferencing with each student to discuss their targets prior to testing, so students have a goal to reach.  Please encourage your child to do his/her best on the tests.  I will be posting the testing dates once they are finalized.

5th Grade Ski Night:
We have a record turn out for students going up to Bogus Basin for ski night.   As of right now, some students are driving up with their parents and we have one bus full of students.  We are over capacity on the bus by 5 students.  If you are able to drive your student up to the mountain and back home, then we would really appreciate you letting myself or Mrs. Jensen know by written statement.  We cannot get a second bus, so we need parents to volunteer to drive their own child if possible.   Thank you!!

Marble Jar Party:
I'm sure you've heard....we've earned a Marble Jar Party which will be on Friday, January 24, the last hour of class.  Students have voted to have a Pizza Party. 

Cold Weather Clothing:
Please be sure your child brings a coat, hat, gloves, and boots (if possible).  With cold temps and wet conditions, it is important your child stays warm and as dry as possible.  Thank you. 

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