Marvelous March...

Supplemental Levy ~ Vote tomorrow!
Make your voice count by voting on the Supplemental Levy tomorrow, Tuesday, March 11.   Polls are open 8am to 8pm.

Trimester 3 Curriculum
You can find full curriculum outlines on the Meridian School District website:


Language Arts: 
Students will be reading more expository (informational) text; comparing/contrasting information; opinion writing supported by valid reasons and evidence; reading and writing poetry; understanding figurative language; demonstrating effective listening skills; continuing word study/grammar skills; and more.

Students will classify 2d shapes in a hierarchy; calculate volume of 3d shapes; converting units of measurement; plotting  on a coordinate plane; use algebraic thinking skills; and more.

Students will identify the layers of the earth; identify the rock cycle; explain how matter is recycled in the rock cycle; and more.
(*Layers of the Earth 3d model is due on Wednesday, March 19.)

Social Studies:
Elements of History, Geography, and Economics will be introduced, such as:  Civil War, Reconstruction period, and Westward Expansion; slavery, industrialization, and transportation; map skills; and more.

District Art Collection Project
This week is the week for students to submit any art project of any media type, including 3d items, photography, or more, to compete for the District's art collection contest.  Students can submit art completed in class or from home.  

Tech Night
Friday, March 14 is Discovery's Tech Night from 6-8pm.  Come enjoy a fun night with your family, experiencing the technology our 21st century school uses daily! Our fabulous PTA, parents, and staff have an amazing night planned, including raffle gift baskets, great food, and fun events.    We are looking forward to seeing all of you there!!

Book Fair/Art Walk
Next week is our Spring Book Fair, March 17-20, with the Art Walk on Wednesday, March 19,  3:50pm - 7:30pm. 

5th Grade Music Program
Parents, grandparents, and family members are invited to the 5th Grade "America's Music" Program on Thursday, March 20 at 11am.  It will be a great performance you won't want to miss!

Spring Break
Yep....it's almost here.  Spring break is March 24-28.  Have a fun break!

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