Technology in the Classroom

2013-2014  5th Grade Items...

Students use various apps to study Wordly Wise words, Root words, and other vocabulary words.


ABC's of Discovery Mustangs
Digital Poster by William


Engaging apps and websites keep learning on track!

On-line Assessments

Skill Practice for Math Fact Fluency

5th grade students collaborated with 1st grade buddies
to write, illustrate, type, and record a narrative story. 

5th grade students collaborated with 1st grade buddies
to write, illustrate, type, and record a narrative story.


5th grade students collaborated with 1st grade buddies
to write, illustrate, type, and record a narrative story.

5th grade students collaborated with 1st grade buddies
to write, illustrate, type, and record a narrative story.

Students use netbooks to digitally publish narratives.

Student response systems are used to assess student knowledge of any subject area. 

Student response systems are used to assess student knowledge of any subject area.

Mobile devices are used to enrich understanding,
while becoming familiar with online resources.

Student responses are captured in an instant.
Responses can be discussed to promote accuracy and find misconceptions about concepts.


2012-2013  5th Grade Items:

Science:   RT 6 Living Systems

Students learned about Inherited Traits (Recessive and Dominant Genes)....below are the Animoto videos they created with our first grade buddies.









After learning about the process of Photosynthesis (how plants convert Sunlight's energy, water, and CO2 into food for the plant; releasing O2 and sugar (glucose) through it's leaves), students worked in small groups creating paperslides.  Using the free app "Animoto", students took pictures of their paperslides and created unique presentations.  Below are their Animoto productions.


By:  Marc, Bryer, and Carson



By:  Amber, Sammi, and Nicole



By:  Amy, Madison, and Marisa



By:  Claire, Kailey, Sarah, Emma, and Ashley





By:  Ryan, Jake, Zach, Adam





By:  Collin, Braden, and Jacob




By:  Breck, Hallie, Emily, and Lexi



By:  Colby, Ben, Daniel, and Jace





Discovering Cells:   We used the app 'iCell' to visualize a 3d conceptual model of plant and animal cells, as well as bacteria, created a "Biology" lapbook, and viewed stained cells through different types of microscopes.  Students were able to identify the parts (organelles) of both animal and plant cells, preparing them to create a 3d cell made out of air-dry clay.   (Parents, thank you for donating the clay!!)




Studying Cells



Cell Construction  ~  Claymation Video

by Ben, Ethan, Madison, Nicole






Writing Narratives:  Given a Narrative Rubric and instruction, students planned, wrote, typed, and recorded narratives about a turkey or Thanksgiving.  Below are the paperslide videos from their creative minds.





Tacky the Turkey

by Nicole



Happy Birdgiving

by Jacob


Oh no!  Not You Again!

by Sammi


Turkey In School

by Hallie



The Turkey At Thanksgiving

by Claire


Turkey Spell

by Emma


The Dumb Turkey

by Ryan



Time Turkey

by Daniel




Turkey in School

by Hallie










We used two awesome apps to get students interested in and understand Matter. 

The apps were: "The Elements" and "Nuclear".   


This app was purchased, but has intriguing songs, photos, facts, and videos.  Because I liked this app so much, I purchased the book The Elements by Theodore Gray.  The book is in our class library for easy access to the periodic table of elements.


Each element in the app has photos that rotate or show a video when you touch them.


This screen shot is from the app:  Nuclear.  It is really cool because the element is in constant motion!  Students can drag protons, neutrons, and electrons into the atom.  If the number of items are unbalanced, the atom becomes unstable and blows apart.  



By asking a student to create an Oxygen atom, I can quickly assess if they know the atomic mass of an Oxygen atom.  If they don't do it quickly, then the atom becomes unstable and blows up. 

The element symbol is also displayed in the upper right of the screen.  



We use the "Show Me" app to demonstrate our skills.  This app records students writings and voice and can be used as an assessment piece.



Click here to watch the Ordering Decimals Show Me


Comparing and ordering decimals.


Using a number line to show rounding


Converting fractions to decimals






Students used iPads during Constitution Day.  We studied the Preamble, then each student was assigned a section to retell in a picture.  After drawing a draft on paper, students used the DoodleBuddy App to create their picture.   Scroll down below to view our Constitution Day ~ Preamble Video.








Constitution Day ~ Preamble iMovie




Constitution Day ~ Timeline iMovie





A student brought in a fun game in which students match the state to the capital.  If the light lit up, then the state and capital was correct.



As a center rotation, students used the app, Stack the States to practice state facts. 





2011-2012  3rd/4th Combo Class



Math Fun using Technology~

Making Math Fun with Eggsperts!!! 

Eggsperts ~ Wireless buzz-in system

We LOVE them!!!



Student Led Lessons~

Students used the ELMO (a Document Camera) to teach a lesson to the class. (Sorry students, I couldn't add all of your lessons to the video...not enough time and too many faces were captured in the videos.)





iPads in the Classroom~

iPads are used regularly in the classroom with a parent or an aide to reinforce Math, Language, Science, Reading Skills.   With adult supervision, students work independently or in a small group using the iPads with apps such as (but not limited to):  Chicktionary, Word Sort, Bluster!, Mad Libs, Fractionsk Pizza3, Fractions, McGraw-Hill Math games, Language Central Science games, iMovie, and more!

Chicktionary ~ Creating words out of selected letters


The iPads are also used to display Art examples, identifying vocabulary words by displaying pictures that represent the words, and using dictionary and math calculating apps.   Students used Wordle to type up a representation of their Winter Break activities and used Google Earth to research facts about their Potato Olympians. 



Olympians from:  Egypt, Korea, Canada, and Chad

Students researched the country's flag, location, climate, language, and more!


How I Spent Winter Break (Wordle)

"Movement and Motion" Flip Books

These books were created by third and fourth graders to depict the movement and motion of a 2-d drawing.  Enjoy the video!  (If you have trouble viewing it, please click here.)







"Cycles" ~ Science Rocks!2

Our class collaborated with Mrs. Slocum's First Graders to learn about and understand "Cycles".  Below is the video showcasing the collection of activities we worked on together. 







Student Created Math "Centers" Games

Students were required to create a math game with instructions and game pieces.  We tested them out in class and will increase or decrease the difficulty levels as the year progresses.   More videos will be added soon!
























2010-2011 5th Grade Students






Flip Books

Students drew stick animation on 30 or more small boxes;

glued the boxes on index cards;

recorded their Flip Books with a FLIP document camera.














"Science Rocks"

(Sorting/Classifying Rocks)

Collaborative Podcast by

Mrs. Wright's 5th Graders

and Mrs. Slocum's 1st Graders

Cross curricular Math and Science standards

are demonstrated at both grade levels.



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