Happy Holidays!

CUPS from First Tee fundraiser are here!
The BRAX fundraising cups are finally here!  Parents must pick them up  (sign for them) Monday from 3:30-4:30, Tuesday 8:30-4:30, or Wednesday 8:30-9:30. Remaining orders will be sent home with the students (if the cups are sent home with the students, the PTA cannot be responsible for lost or damaged items).
We will also have sample cups for sale at $3 each. Spirit Wear will also be available.
Thanks again for supporting our fundraiser. We made enough to buy the First Tee Program and have about $4500 left over for playground improvements!

Revolutionary War Test and Root Word Test
Thursday, Dec. 19 we will be having two tests.  I have posted both study guides to this website.  Click Revolutionary War Essay Study Guide and the Mis/Mit/Port Root Words Study Guide to study for the test.

Christmas Party
Friday, December 20

Friday is Ms. Baker's last day as our student teacher and we will miss her dearly!  Please feel free to come by and give your well wishes during our party.

For our Christmas Party, students voted on having celebrating with Friendship Stew, Hot Chocolate, and watching a movie.  We seem to have enough crockpots and gallons of chocolate milk.  We are still in need of marshmallows, cups for cocoa, and a holiday table cloth.  Also, if any family has a holiday movie that is "G" rated, we would love to vote on the movie we will be enjoying.   Below are details about the Friendship Stew in which students are to bring a snack to add to the mixture.

This week, students will be provided a list of possible American heroes to be researched for the P.A.C.E. report and presentation.  Click the link to learn more about it:  PACE Documents
Happy Holidays!
I'm sure you are all aware, we have a full day on Friday, December 20, with no school the next two weeks.  School will resume Monday, January 6, 2014.



Want to learn more about PACE and about helping your child with math homework?

Wednesday, December 11 is Parent Night (5:30-6:30pm)

We, the Fifth Grade Teachers are hosting a Parent Night in which we will have three (3) - 20 minute sessions providing important information about PACE and strategies for modeling multiplication and division of fractions and decimals.

I will be providing information about PACE requirements, rubrics, and due dates.  Mrs. Bonebrake and Mr. Spenner will be modeling strategies of multiplication and division of fractions and decimals, which are quite different that just using the standard algorithm.  The models will include, but not be limited to:  fraction strips, number lines, ratio tables, arrays, and more.

Please join us Wednesday evening!