Class Photos/Art

2013-2014  5th Grade Photos...
Students made mosaic Art Portfolios, which will house their art pieces
made this year. The Art Portfolios will be sent home at the end of the year.

Pinwheel artwork using adjectives to describe ourselves.


Student-led art lesson by Hailey

The WrightPad....with 'App'ealing Artwork


2012-2013 5th Grade Photos.....





11/15/12  Continuous Line Art

Students were introduced to different lines and viewed art samples of continuous line drawings.  Students drew continuous line drawings in a journal, then decided on one of the drawings to create a continuous line art piece made from wire.  The results were creative and fun!!











10/10/12  Fall Scene

Students used acrylic paint in the three PRIMARY COLORS (red, yellow, blue) and combined them with white to make a TINT or black to make a SHADE.  It was fun to see all of the possible tints or shades of a color we could make simply by adding white or black. 

Blue, Black, White


Tint (Blue with White combinations)


Shade and Tint






Our Fall Scenes











9/20/12  Students created ART portfolios in which we will keep all art projects for the entire year.  Art projects will be sent home at the end of the year.    In September, students also created a Land Use and Resource mural of the U.S.  This can be found by clicking the Curriculum Items tab.



First Day of School Art Project: Using pictures to tell a story.  Students gave a presentation of their artwork. 













2011-2012 3/4 Combo Photos are below


~ Potato Olympics~

In celebration of the 2012 Summer Olympics, students created their own Olympian.  They chose a country to research; created a potato olympian from that country; used math to determine their olympians mass, length, and girth; and created olympic events for their olympian to compete in.












~Print Blocks~

Students created print blocks for an awesome Mother's Day gift.  After the blocks were made, students applied Tempura paint, then picked up the paint onto construction paper.  Students also did a colored pencil rubbing with the blocks.












~The Deep Ocean~

On black construction paper, students penciled an ocean creature, then glued the outline.  Once dry, students worked with oil pastels to create these mystifying sea creatures.  The blending of colors and strategic placing of light values, really make them come to life. 














~Fruit Spectrum~

After previewing a podcast about the techniques of oil pastels, and discussing the color wheel spectrum, students designed, shaded, smudged, and accentuated the fruit of their choice.  The spectrum of colors, the hues of each fruit, and the dimensionality of the art really brightened our room!








~Valentine "Pop Art"~

After learning about the "Pop Art" movement of the 1950's-1960's and the viewing some work by Andy Warhol, we created our own Pop Art Hearts using crayons, colored pencils, or markers, glitter, and Mod Podge. 








~ "Van Gogh" Mural ~ 

Similar to Van Gogh's "Starry Night" masterpiece, our mural is full of cool colors and unique style.  Students were given a 8"X9" black and white sketch, of which they colored to look like the colored section of the photograph.  The 36"x48"mural will be up all year....come by and take a look! 




~ Snow Flakes ~

(multi-media)  Students learned about symmetry, then created snowflakes with at least one line of symmetry. 






~ Fall Pumpkins ~

(pencil, sharpie, acrylic paint.  Drawing pumpkins behind and in front to trick the eye.)





~ Drawing Perspective and Using Multi-Mediums ~

(colored pencil, glue, pom-pom.  Subject based on the Humphrey series y B. Birney)






































~ Warm/Cool Contrast ~



















~  Self Portraits ~