Daily Homework

Monday, May 19
~Wordly Wise, Lesson 16 A-B
~Civil War/Westward Expansion 2nd evidence tomorrow.
~Science Fair (Due Thursday!!)
~~~~~~~Bring WHITE TEE SHIRT! We will be tie dying it on Wednesday.~~~~~~~~~~

Friday, May 16
~Quick Write
~"Players with Pride" comprehension worksheet
~Math - Converting seconds/minutes/hours/days
~Science Fair
~~~~~~~Bring WHITE TEE SHIRT! We will be tie dying it next week.~~~~~~~~~~

Thursday, May 15
~Practice Spelling
~Quick Write
~Science Fair
~~~~~~~Bring WHITE TEE SHIRT!   We will be tie dying it next week.~~~~~~~~~~

Wednesday, May 14
~Practice Spelling
~Scholastic News: read and complete worksheet
~Tee shirt
~Science Fair

Tuesday, May 13
~Spelling sort and synonyms
~Read:  Black Frontiers:  Write 2 paragraphs constrasting what was better about life back then, and what is better about life today.
~ Science Fair activity
~ GeoBee

Monday, May 12
~Study GeoBee items
~Practice for Science ISAT by googling:  Science ISAT practice 5th grade
~We will have spelling this week and lists will go home tomorrow. 

Wednesday, May 7
  • Wordly Wise Lesson 15 C&D
  • Rough draft Wordless Book - due 1st thing in the a.m.!
  • Western Expansion board builder
  • Scholastic News

Thursday, May 1
~Morning DOL - paragraph editing
~math packet due 5/5
~study for Westward Expansion test
~Root word sentences

Wednesday, April 30
~Science Fair Project
~Math Packet
~Civil War test tomorrow
~Westward Expansion test on May 5.

Friday, April 25
~Math Packet due May 5
~DOL Math due Monday, April 28
~Study Civil War study guide - Test 4/30

Thursday, April 24
~Math and Reading Center work
~Scholastic News Jig Saw
~Math:  converting km-m-cm-mm and feet to inches
~Civil War - Discuss the cuases of the Civil War with your family.  Write down a few of their opinions.

Monday, April 21
~Wordly Wise Lesson 14 C-E
~Reading Center (Compare/Contrast)
~Unplug and Play Outside

Friday, April 11
8am-9am Dads and Donuts
Orca opinion typed
Study root words Ben/Mal
Study for Rock Cycle retake (If you didn't get a "3")
Continuous line book

Tuesday, April 8
Math - Polygon attributes
Spelling Practice
Sea World Opinion
Continuous Line Drawing - 20 drawings

Monday, April 7
Read & Math Centers
Spelling sorts (with parent signature)

Friday, April 4
Wordly Wise 13B & C
Reading Centers:  Big Foot, Friendly Letter Writing (www.readwritethink.com)
Practice Gettysburg Address PBS.com video
Student Leadership Forms due 4/9

Thursday, April 3
Spelling test tomorrow
Reading Center:Big Foot Comprehension; Friendly Letter Writing (www.readwritethink.com)
Popcorn tomorrow

Wednesday, April 2
Spelling practice
Reading Center:  Big Foot Comprehension; Friendly Letter Writing (www.readwritethink.com)
Perimeter of polygons
Wordly Wise Lesson 13A

Tuesday, April 1
Spelling practice
Wordly Wise Crossword
Reading centers:  Big Foot Comprehension; Friendly Letter Writing (www.readwritethink.com)

Monday, March 31
~No homework today
~No spelling was handed out today, but it will be given tomorrow.

Thursday, March 20
~Spelling - test tomorrow
~Scholastic and worksheet
~Boardbuilding - www.discoveryeducation.com - board should have information about Plate tectonics, earthquakes, and volcanos
~Science Fair information was sent home today....please discuss the science fair project with your child
~Licorice and Spirit wear tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 19
~~Book Fair - Late Night is tonight until 7p.m.
~ Practice Spelling
~Biography rough draft needs completed (Roberto Clemente or Evelyn Cisneros)
~Webquest - Rock Cycle
~Boardbuilder (Plate Tectonics, Earthquakes, Volcanos)

Tuesday, March 18
~Practice Spelling
~Mean, Median, Mode worksheet
~Biography notes need completed (Roberto Clemente or Evelyn Cisneros)

Monday, March 17
~Spelling sort
~missing work
~Layers of the Earth Model (due 3/19)
~math worksheet - graphing

Friday, March 14  ~  Happy Pi Day!!
~Scrapbook was due today.    Turn in Monday for a late grade.
~Any unfinished work.
~Layers of the Earth 3d model due 3/19
~Discovery Education: assignment was given to create a new board.
~Story of Pi.

Thursday, March 13
~reading/math center items
~Scrapbook due tomorrow, 3/14
~Layers of the Earth 3d model due 3/19
~Discovery Education: assignment was given to create a new board.
~Practice spelling
~Tomorrow: Pi Day; District Art items due; Tech Night 6-8pm

Wednesday, March 12
~reading/math center items
~Scrapbook due Friday, 3/14
~Layers of the Earth 3d model due 3/19
~Discovery Education: assignment was given to create a new board.
~Practice spelling
~Friday is:   Pi Day; District Art items due; Tech Night 6-8pm;

Tuesday, March 11
~reading/math center items
~Layers of the Earth 3d model due 3/19
~Scrapbook due 3/14
~Discovery Education:  assignment was given to create a new board.
~Practice spelling

Monday, March 10
~Spelling sort
~reading centers (Tray 2 or 3)
~math center work
~scrapbook typing/coloring
~science puzzle (coloring the fault lines)

Thursday, March 7
~Spelling test will be on Monday
~Any unfinished work
~Layers of the Earth model:  due 3/19
~Rough draft of "Scrapbook" due Monday
~Discovery Ed board builder assignment
~~TONIGHT:  District Speed Jump Competition - come cheer on Discovery's fastest jumpers!

Wednesday, March 5
~Center work
~Spelling - use all spelling words correctly in a story.  Be sure your story has characters, a setting, and plot.
~Layers of the Earth model - Due March 19

Tuesday, March 4
~Center work (math/reading)
~Paragraph editing page
~www.ixl.com  - practice order of operations
~www.discoveryeducation.com - research layers of the earth, plate tectonics
^^Picture Day tomorrow!

Monday, March 3
~Math - 4 practice problems on Order of Operations (PEMDAS)
~Spelling - Sort
~Paragraph Editing - Bugs
~Center work (math/reading)
~practice story problems on www.ixl.com

Tuesday, Feb. 25
~Math practice worksheet - algebraic expressions
~Finish Science Lab worksheet....we won't have time tomorrow to complete it.  The graphs and videos can be completed during recess if necessary.
~Discovery Ed boards need to be completed by Thursday of this week.  Students have a login for www.discoveryed.com  and were given a digital assignment. 

Monday, Feb. 24
~No spelling this week because it is a short week
~Study Science (Biology Lapbook) test is tomorrow (it isn't posted on the blog because I was having issues uploading it.)
~ practice math - ixl.com (Algebra-Q.5 and Q.6)
~Growth and Development forms

Thursday, Feb. 20
Reading Center rotation work
~~Students who didn't score a '3' on our Constitution test, will be retaking that test tomorrow.  Please study.  (Study guides can be found in the Curriculum Items tab...then scroll down to Social Studies and find the Constitution study guide.
Growth and Development forms due
JR4Heart form
tomorrow is Licorice day and spirit day...wear RED

Wednesday, Feb. 19
Great Job on PACE!!! THANKS for all or your hard work!!!
WWL 12 E p. 135-137
Math Center Work
Reading Center Work
Growth & Development Forms
JR4Heart form
***STUDY Articles of Confederation/Branches of Gov't orange boooklet for those who need to retake the test.

Tuesday, Feb. 18
(Get good rest/eat a good breakfast)
*Math Center Worksheet
*Math Journal
*No spelling this week!
*Video permission slip due (growth and development)
*Jump Rope for Heart forms due back if participating.

Thursday, Feb. 13
Practice Spelling (test tomorrow)
Math journal using ratio table to solve division
Practice PACE in front of family
Valentine's Day party tomorrow and wear RED

Wednesday, Feb. 12
Math - division in journal - using compatible numbers to make the problem easier
Practice presenting PACE with your family.
~~Tonight is Chipotle fundraiser night at Chipotle off Eagle Rd. from 4 to 8pm.  Mention Discovery and they will donate 50% of the proceeds.

Friday, Jan. 31
Scholastic News - Read and complete worksheet
Study WW Lesson 10 words - Test next week
Study SS orange booklet - test next week
Math journal - dividing a whole number by fractions.

Thursday, Jan. 30
Study SS orange booklet - The Articles of Confederation, Constitution, blanace of powers, Bill of Rights
Spelling test tomorrow

Wednesday, Jan. 29
Study roots words graph/scrib/script - test tomorrow
Math journal: determining if a number is divisible by 2-10.
Study orange Constitution booklet - this is a study guide for the upcoming test

Tuesday, Jan. 28
No homework - ski night

Monday, Jan. 27
Spelling words were passed out today. 
*Students going on ski trip tomorrow, be sure to bring a sack dinner or money to purchase dinner in the lodge, as we won't be back to school until around 9pm.

Thursday, Jan. 23
Wordly Wise 9C-D
Study root words Graph/Scrib/Script
Math worksheet P2-10
Bring drink for tomorrow's Marble Jar party

Wednesday, Jan. 22
Wordly Wise 9 A-B
Math ws "Odd One Out"
Study scrib/script/graph root words - Test 1/29
Think and Respond #1-5 (p. 639)

Friday, Jan. 17
Math - 5 multiplying fractions decimals.
SS-Study 3 branches of government worksheet(Test first week in Feb.)
MAP tests start next week
No school Monday - MLK Jr. Day

Thursday, Jan. 16
Math - modeling multiplication of fractions
Spelling test tomorrow

Wednesday, Jan. 15
Math - 15 multiplication problems (mastering the standard algorithm)
Practice Spelling

Tuesday, Jan. 14
Math - Doubling/Halving multiplication strategies
Practice Spelling words
Three Branches of Government Webquest

Monday, Jan. 13
Math - 4 standard algorithm problems and 1 ratio table
Spelling - Sort words
Licorice on Friday

Friday, Jan. 10
PACE portrait - using pencil as the medium
Comprehension worksheet  - Lego
~~Arby's Night tonight! ~~

Thursday, Jan. 9
Math journal- ratio tables
study spelling.  Test tomorrow.
Popcorn and spirit day tomorrow.
Arby's night tomorrow.

Wednesday, Jan. 8
DOL Paragraph with 5 underlined adjectives
Math - two problems demonstrating Lattice model
Print PACE materials at home if possible.

Tuesday, Jan. 7
Practice Spelling
Math Journal:  Area models
some students have work that need to be redone or missing work completed

Monday, Jan. 6
Spelling Sort
Math Journal:   modeling partial products
Writing Journal:  3 paragraphs describing Holiday break activities, most memorable moment, and something they wish would have been different.
Reading Center items:  Lego Critical Thinking/Comprehension worksheet
We The People pg. 52 #1-4

Thrusday, Dec. 19
Math Multiplication Star Worksheet
Ornament writing (1 page)
Study spelling
Pj's, Friendship Stew item, "g" rated movie

Wednesday, Dec. 18
SS Essay test tomorrow!!!
Root word test
Elf writing 5 paragraphs
Center work
Give parents PACE paperwork
Friendship stew-bring a dry treat
for our stew on Friday

Tuesday, Dec. 17
Study for SS Essay test Thursday
Math Worksheet - multiplying fractions times fractions
Elf - Please complete 2 paragraphs
*Friendship Stew food item....for Friday
*Ski Night Form due - with money

Monday, Dec. 16
Mit/Miss/Port root word test Thursday!
Study SS essays - Test Thursday!
Toy Design
Spelling words - lists came home today
SS Patriot worksheet
Math 3 problems
Ski Night form due

Friday, Dec. 13
Sherlock Comprehension
Study for SS test with your notes.
**Test is 12/19
Pointillism Art - finish at home

Thursday, Dec. 12
Spelling test tomorrow!
**History Test 12/19
Reading Center work if you had this station today:  WW L A-C
Study essay questions SS
WW L7 crossword puzzle
Writing about Colonizing A New Planet

OBJECTIVE: To create a plan for settling another planet

 Plan how people from Earth could settle on the moon.

Think about how people settled in the American colonies.

Consider: how the colonists arrived; where they settled; what they lived in; how they grew or found food.

Then create a plan for settling people on the moon.

Consider these questions: How would they get there? Where would they live? How would they grow or find food? How would they communicate with people on Earth?

Tuesday, Dec. 10
Practice Spelling
Reading Center work if you had this station today:  WW L 7 A-C
Earth Think and Respond #4
Earth Flyer - complete with color and information
Math Worksheet pg 65
History worksheet
~~Red Robin Night 5-8pm~~
Tomorrow is the Parent Night for math and PACE

Monday, Dec. 9
Practice Spelling
Reading Center work (Scholastic or WW L7 A-C)
Flyer - "Earth From Space"
Coins/Box Tops
Fundraiser Coupon Book
*Red Robin Night - Tomorrow 5-8pm
*Parent Math/PACE night 5:30-6:30

Friday, Dec. 6
No homework this weekend.

Thursday, Dec. 5
Spelling test tomorrow!
Spirit day - licorice or popcorn
**Gifts if you are loyal :-)

Wednesday, Dec. 4
Word study - spelling words
Writing - write 1 page description of the items on your Kingdom's flag
ELA center work (Ocean webquest http://mrshazlett.edublogs.org/2011/07/07/webquest

Tuesday, Dec. 3
Word study - spelling words
Math WS p. 16
ELA center work (Ocean webquest or Scholastic News)
SS Notes ch 7 lesson 3

Thursday, Nov. 21
Word study:  spelling test tomorrow
Summer of Fire:  summary using transition words
Bring Report Card folder signed & and in envelope
Yogurt Party tomorrow!
Spirit and Licorice Day tomorrow!

Wednesday, Nov. 20
WW L6 - Study....test tomorrow
Summer of Fire historical timeline
Study spelling words
SS writing:  Write 1/2 page describing why you would be a Loyalist, loyal to the crown or if you would be a Colonists against the laws made by the crown....give three examples.

Tuesday, Nov. 19
WW test Thursday on lesson 6
Word study - spelling words
Yellowstone KWL chart
SS writing "Why are people today unhappy with their government?"

Monday, Nov. 18
Word study - spelling words (please practice nightly)
Word study - Vocab word definitions from Summer of Fire pg 274
Cups and order forms were due today.  Please return them tomorrow.

Thursday, Nov. 14
No School Tomorrow!
WW 6 C,D,E
Cups and order forms due MONDAY 11/18

Wednesday, Nov. 13
Think and Respond #2 p. 361
Spelling test tomorrow
Comprehension test tomorrow - "Case..."
Cups due tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, Nov. 12
Math WS Flash Kids p. 10 & 17
Science diagram E85
Word Study - Spelling test Thursday
Root word corrections with parent signature
Missing work turned in
Verb Tense Test tomorrow (past, present, future)
go to Spelling City's link for practice

Monday, Nov. 11
WW Lesson 6A, 6B
Writing, If you had a translation machine, what would you do?
Include web with 3 ideas
Veteran's Day letter
Spelling test Thursday
Coins for hunger

Friday, Nov. 8
Only homework is if it is missing work.

Thursday, Nov. 7
Writing about Island of the Blue Dolphins
Spelling test tomorrow
Moms and Muffins tomorrow 8-9am
Popcorn Friday tomorrow
Denim/spirit day.

Wednesday, Nov 6
Math Test corrections made and returned
Grammar practice
Word Study - spelling

Tuesday, Nov. 5
Math Journal improper/mixed number practice problems
Think and Respond from Island of the Blue Dolphins #2 & #4
Root word test -  Thursday
Word study - spelling
Coins for hunger
Veteran's Day Poster
Moms and Muffins on Friday 8am-9am.

Monday, Nov. 4
Root Words - Ject - use the rootword correctly in sentences.
Math Journal - Adding fraction problems
Latitude/Longitude #1-3 pg 136-137 in History book
Word Study - Practice spelling
*Root word Ject/Sect test this Thursday

Thursday, Oct. 31
No homework tonight....have fun Trick-or-Treating!  Be safe!

Wednesday, Oct. 30
Woodsong - Think and Respond #2
Math centers
Narrative Final Draft due 11/4 - All items listed below need to be included.
 *Final Draft
 *Rough Draft
 *Peer Edit
WW Lesson 5 D and E
Word Study
Halloween Party tomorrow!!

Tuesday, Oct. 29
Math Center
Narrative Rough Draft due Wednesday
Spelling - Word study
Coins for Charity
any missing work
DOL for students who recvd a DOL sheet

Monday, Oct 28
Root Words Dict/Spec needs fixed and signed by parents
Math Center work
Reading center work
Narrative Web

Friday, Oct 25
Reading Center Work
Study for history test (Tues. 10/29) - this will be over Chapter 5 and the Colony study guide
Latitude Longitude Test will be November 1
Math Test is Monday, 10/28 - This will be adding fractions with unlike denominators.

Thursday, Oct 24
Longitude Latitude
Math journal
Math center items
Reading center items
Spelling words
Narrative writing - FINAL
Art Portfolio due Friday
Wear red and jeans tomorrow

Wednesday, Oct 23
States and Regions retake 10/24
Math center items
Reading center items
Spelling words
Narrative writing - 3 pages
Art Portfolio due Friday
Wear Hat tomorrow

Tuesday, Oct. 22
States and Regions retake 10/24
Math center items
Fraction worksheet
Spelling words
Narrative writing - 3 pages
Art Portfolio due Friday
Wear PJ's tomorrow

Monday, Oct. 21
States and Regions retake 10/24
Math center items
Reading center items
Spelling words
Narrative writing - 3 pages
Art Portfolio due Friday
Wear Team Jersey tomorrow

Wednesday, Oct. 16
Math Center worksheet
Think and Respond #1 pg. 617
Narrative Elements Brainstorming Character Web
SS Timelines from pages: 200, 205, 210, 217, 224
Word Study/Spelling
Science Test TOMORROW!  Students should have been studying all materials relating to: atoms, the periodic table, elements, compounds, mixtures, solutions; states of matter

Tuesday, Oct. 15
Math Worksheet in Journal (Placing fractions on number line)
A Wide Deep Sea Vocab (pg 600-601)
Math Centers Worksheet
SS. Reading and Vocab (p211-224)
Study for Science Test (10/17)
Study word study

Monday, Oct. 14
Study Science - Elements/Matter Test on Oct 17
Dict/Spec words
Math Centers Fraction worksheet E7-5/P7-4
Word Study Practice

Friday, Oct. 4
Math Center worksheet
Study first 10 elements
Study "Spec" Root words

Thursday, Oct. 3
Spelling test tomorrow
Comprehension test over Everglades story
Math center work
Grammar practice worksheet (diagramming sentences with adjectives and adverbs)
Reading center work
** 10 Elements song has been uploaded to the "Curriculum Items" tab under the Science heading
**  Popcorn Friday is tomorrow!! **

Wednesday, Oct. 2
Think and Respond - #1 in Everglades Story
Reading Centers Work
Any unfinished work
Conference slips need returned please.

Tuesday, Oct. 1
***Parents, please sign and return the Parent/Teacher Conference slip***
~Health form
~Everglades vocab for reading
~ELA center work
~Spelling practice
~Math center work

Monday, Sept 30
~Science - Draw and Label H2O and CO2 Compounds
~Spelling Practice

Thursday, Sept 26
~Spelling test tomorrow (word study)
~SS writing
~center work
~science vocabulary p. E16

Wednesday, Sept 25
~WW Lessons 1D, 2D, and 3D (Test tomorrow on Lesson 1-3 words)
~States and Regions TEST tomorrow!!
~Spelling Practice (Word Study)
~Center work
No math today because of MAP Math assessment test

Tuesday, Sept 24
~Math:  Scientific Notation Worksheet
~Math center worksheet
~Timeline for Social Studies
~Word Study practice (Spelling)
~Reading Center work
~Drawing the first 10 elements
~Study States and Regions - TEST on Thursday
~Study Wordly Wise Lessons 1-3 - TEST on Thursday
~MAP MATH TEST TOMORROW....get good rest and eat a healthy breakfast!

Monday, Sept 23
~Practice word study (spelling words)
~Write Social Studies vocab and definitions in binder
~Center work
~Study States and Regions (Test 9/26)
~MAP math test on Wednesday

Friday, Sept. 20
Science vocab p. E6
WW Lesson 3 A-C
Center work
Study States and Regions (Test 9/26)

Thursday, Sept. 19
Licorice day tomorrow
Word study test
Think and respond rosa parks
Center work

Wednesday, September 18
~PED/MAN root word test tomorrow
~Practice word study
~Study state locations and regions
~Grammar Study Worksheets
~any center work that needs completed

Tuesday, September 17
Back to school night

Monday, September 16
~Back to School Night is tomorrow evening from 5:00-6:30.
~Math Centers worksheet
~Word Study spelling Monday items
~PED/MAN root word test on Thursday
~Reading MAP test tomorrow

Friday, September 13
~Finish state piece for mural (due 9/16)
~Finish pinwheel art (due 9/16)
~Study PED/MAN root words
~Study Regions and States

Thursday, September 12
~WW Lesson 2 A-C
~Story Summary Sheet
~Spelling Test Tomorrow
~Book Orders due tomorrow
~State piece for mural due Monday, 9/16

Wednesday, September 11
~Word study - Wednesday task
~Study Regions and States (Test will be in early Oct.)
~Math Worksheet - if at that center today
~Book Orders due Friday 9/13

Tuesday, September 10
~Picture Day is Tomorrow!
~Math Worksheet:  P1.3/E1.3
~New England Region Worksheet
~Tuesday - Spelling assignment (see Parent letter in Word Study Section of Binder)

Monday, September 9
- Read Wordly Wise Lesson 2E and give two sentences for each vocab word
-Words Their Way- spelling sort
-Math - worksheet if at that center
- Southern Regions worksheet
- picture day is Wednesday.

Friday, September 6
~Study Regions...we will be learning the New England and Southern Regions next week.  Test will be early October
~Please study 'PED' root word...test Thursday, Sept 12
~Picture Day is Sept. 11.  If ordering pictures, please send in the picture order and money by Sept 11.
~Scholastic book orders will be placed Sept 13, and books will arrive by Sept. 20.  You can order books on-line through the Scholastic website.  (See the Scholastic Books link to the left.)

Thursday, September 5
~Regions quiz tomorrow.
~Word Study quiz tomorrow.
~Sees Behind Trees worksheet
~ABC Poster due tomorrow
~Popcorn Friday tomorrow....only .50 cents

Wednesday, September 4
~Great Plains Region worksheet
~Word Study - Paragraph for those students that had this center today. 
~Math Problem solving worksheet - for those students that had this center today or yesterday.
~ABC Poster (Due 9/6)
~Picture Form (Picture Day is Sept. 11)
~Reflections Art Program info went home today.

Tuesday, September 3
~Southwestern Region worksheet
~Word Study - Finish sort from today; work on Tuesday activity (changing the word by adding prefixes, suffixes, changing endings with past, present, and future tenses)
~Story Problem Worksheet (only for students at the Story Problem center today)
~ABC Poster (Due 9/6)

Friday, August 30
~Rocky Mtn. Region worksheet
~Practice Pacific and Rocky Mtn States
~Math Worksheet: Place Value
~ABC's of Discovery Poster -due Sept 6
No school Monday

Thursday, August 29
~ Parent permission form for Discovery web page.
~Math: word form, standard form, and value of given numbers
~Pacific Region worksheet
~ABC's of Discovery Mustangs poster = due Sept. 6

Wednesday, August 28
~ Complete Regions worksheet with State Abrieviations written in the states.
~ Please sit down with your parents to view our class website.

Tuesday, August 27
~Complete "App" art.  Students were to design an app decal that describes them or something they like to do.  We will be using them tomorrow as part of a writing activity, then we will be presenting them to our classmates and displaying them on the hallway bulletin board. 
~All Meet-N-Greet forms need to be signed and returned by Friday.

Here I will keep a daily list of items that was either needing to be completed during class or completed at home as homework. Ask your child nightly if he/she completed the items listed. This is also a way for you to look back and see what your child might be missing, or missed due to absences.