Student Contributions/STEM BrickLab

2013-2014  5th Grade Items:
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Rube Goldberg PCS Bricklab Build
Check out our latest bricklab build video.


Technology Night Grade Level Builds
In case you weren't able to attend Discovery's Technology Night, below are pictures of the awesome, grade level builds.

Fifth Grade

Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade

Third Grade
Second Grade

First Grade


Simple Machines
Third Graders have been learning about Simple Machines (pulleys, ramps, levers, wheels/axles, screw).  For Tech Night, they build simple machines that were used to move a marble from one location to another.  Awesome!!

Idaho Seal
Incorporating Math, Engineering, and Social Studies, our Fourth Graders planned, measured, and built a replica of our Great Seal of Idaho.
(Notice the picture of the Seal up above the build....Great job!)

Brick Buddies

With our First Grade Buddies, we created "Quilt Blocks" using bricks to demonstrate repeating patterning.  Then, we replicated our creations on a 2-d format.
(The numbered signs represent the student number.)

Discovery City ~ Brick Lab
(3rd & 4th Grades)

Third and Fourth Graders teamed up to build Discovery City.  The construction incorporated both grade level Social Studies curriculum elements (Communities and Idaho Symbols).

Discovery City

Discovery Mall

Discovery National Park and Gold Mine

State flower:  Syringa and State Tree:  Western White Pine

Communities Change Over Time:  Horse and Wagon/City Bus

Red Robin and Pizza Hut

Pet-o-Rama and Walmart connected to our city park

The Capitol Building (oops...misspelled on the tag)

Discovery Hospital and Fire Truck

(So we can protect our natural resources...I guess)

Mr. Rich must have stock in our Gold Mine!!

(3rd Grade)

While learning about Communities, students also practiced map-making.  They made floor plans of their homes, drew maps from their home to school, and drew a community with all of its attributes.  Below are their results.

Symbols of Idaho
(4th Grade)
Students were allowed to choose which Idaho symbol they wanted to build.  Then after constructing it, they wrote a brief synopsis of their structure.    Below are the results.

Student builds reflect: 
Western White Pine, Mountain Blue Bird, Syringa, Monarch Butterfly,
and a Cornicopia filled with food. 

Reading Buddies/BrickLab Buddies

On Friday, Sept. 16, we had the opportunity to meet our 1st Grade buddies.  We will be working with our buddies throughout the year with projects that will be incorporating:  reading, math, bricklab, social skills, and more.

For our first meeting, Mrs. Slocum read Where The Wild Things Are, by Maurice Sendak.  Then, in pairs, students brainstormed and created their Wild Thing.  This activity was a great was to get to know our buddies, share ideas, and encourage creativity while engineering a solid structure.